a. All quoted prices are subject to 10% GST.
b. The price is subject to a delivery and handling charge as quoted.
c. The price is subject to variation.

Exchange Rate
Any adverse change greater than 2 cents to the bank sell exchange rate for Alumach Pty Ltd. from the quoted exchange rate between AUD and EUR on the date of deposit paid and invoice delivered will result in the additional amount being applied to the total price.

d. Payment
Stock Machines: Goods will be secured against firm written order, together with:
Deposit: 30% (20% of total non-refundable).
Balance: 70% prior to delivery.

Indent machines: Goods will be secured against firm written order, together with:
Deposit: 30% (20% of total non-refundable).
Balance: 70% prior to delivery.

e. Payment method
Cheque: A regular cheque is acceptable for deposits only. Bank cheques are required for any remaining balances or for purchases where the item is held in stock.
Direct Bank Deposit/EFT: Remaining payment must be made at least two business days prior to the delivery date. Funds must be cleared by such time.
Financing: Written confirmation of financial approval including settlement date is required prior to delivery. Settlement date must be on or prior to delivery of goods. If the total amount is to be financed then the deposit will be refunded upon clearance of payment.

f. Delivery
Liability: Alumach accepts no liability for the late delivery of ordered goods due to delays reasonably deemed to be the fault of Alumach such as those caused by third party transport companies, manufacturers and suppliers.
Detention: All ordered goods that arrive in a container are to be delivered within 7days of the customs release date. Each day after will incur a daily detention fee calculated on the size and quantity of container/s.
Equipment Hire: Hiring of lifting equipment, including but limited to, franna, forklifts and skates is the purchasers responsibility. Alumach can advise on the equipment required.

g. Electrical connections, including but not limited to, plugs and cables are not supplied.

h. Pneumatic (air) connections, including but not limited to, compressors, airlines and connections are not supplied.

i. Standard hourly call-out rates apply when installation site is not prepared at the agreed time for installation and or a return visit is required.

j. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice and Alumach reserves this right.

A manufacturer’s warranty is granted for 12 months from time of full payment made to Alumach and delivery completed. The warranty shall apply in respect of faulty parts or workmanship, covering parts only. The warranty shall become immediately void if:
a. The customer modifies the item without Alumach’s written permission;
b. The customer or a third party attempts to and/or does rectify any defects without Alumach’s written permission;
c. The operating and service instructions were not followed;
d. The item was treated improperly or not within its normal function;
e. The defect is attributed to parts deemed reasonably as ‘normal wear and tear parts’ as reasonably assessed by Alumach;
f. Damage is caused by any external electrical influences.