Customer Testimonial – Thermeco Rowville VIC

28 July, 2020

Introducing our brand new CNC Machine by Emmegi sourced from Alumach. This machine is a huge asset to Thermeco and the team providing a limitless amount of efficiency and precision.

Due to the increasing demand of projects, it was time to level up our tool kit with this master machine. The time and care it would usually take to prep and machine profiles is now made much easier and exceptionally quicker saving a lot of time and enabling the ability to turnover profiles at a rapid pace with no room for error – allowing us to push through double the amount of work.

The machine is automatic, so the user can be working on other tasks while it’s machining and moves along the X and Y axis super fast. It’s so smart that it can machine any shape required including any custom shapes/slots/holes. All programming is designed and entered on any computer with the software where jobs can be input into the machine. Then, with the press of a button, all bars and profiles are perfectly prepped ready for fabrication.

The machine is extremely user friendly and very safe. There are multiple safety components to avoid any accidents making injury or damaging material almost impossible.

Images and article credit goes to Thermeco
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