The longest EMMEGI CNC machine in Australia

23 May, 2018

EMMEGI SATELLITE XT 15.500mm – Dynamic Version

Alumach have proudly supplied and installed the largest EMMEGI CNC machine in Australia, a massive 15,500mm working capacity. Overall the footprint of this 5-Axis machine is over 20m.


This ACT based customer came to us with a plan to fit out a new factory for high volume commercial windows and doors. After consulting with them about their needs and expectations, we proposed a 5-Axis EMMEGI Satellite XT 15.5m, EMMEGI Precision T2EHS 6.0m, EMMEGI MSP400 single saw setup with 6.5m PROFISTOP digital positioning length stop and a large quantity and variety of EMMEGI trolleys and tables.

This setup gives them the flexibility and volume to take on any project that comes their way. The EMMEGI Satellite XT can process a full bar completely, it does this by having a 500mm blade that can cut and separate the pieces, then go on to do any machining required. This blade can also be used to do end notching and mitres. The reason this customer opted for a 15.5m EMMEGI Satellite XT is to take advantage of the pendular mode feature. With 2x working zones each capable of taking a 6.5m bar or longer, this means that in pendular mode the operator can be loading/unloading one zone whilst the machine is working in the other zone. By operating in this mode, the spindle is constantly working with zero downtime between material loading. The operator can of course also use the machine in 1 zone operation and load bars up to 15.5m long!

The 6.0m EMMEGI Precision T2EHS – 5-axis double mitre saw with 550m blades was supplied to cut material that has no machining required on the pieces. This machine can feed and cut finished pieces up to 2.5m long onto its inbuilt conveyor belt. The operator stands at the end of the machine and places the pieces directly into the EMMEGI trolleys we provided. This means no repositioning of the bar after a cut, decreasing waste and hugely increasing productivity.